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Open Queue

Turning a Queue in to an Open Queue allows you to share the Queue with anyone via link. The Open Queue link provides read access only, and viewers must request access to participate.

  • In your Teacher workspace, select the Queue you want to turn into an Open Queue.
  • Click “Queue Options”.
  • Toggle Open Queue to “On” and click “Save”.
  • Under the Queue name, you will now see an option to “Get Open Queue Link”.
  • Copy this link and distribute it to share access to the discussion in the Queue.

Have a Join Pin for an Open Queue?

If you have a Join Pin for a Queue, you can start participating by signing into your account and clicking “Join New Queue” on the right side of your Teacher workspace. This will prompt you to input the Join Pin, so you can enter the Queue as a participant and begin asking questions and engaging in dialogue.
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