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Private and Public Questions

Questions can be submitted to the Queue either publicly for everyone to see and comment on, or privately so that only the Queue owner can see and comment. The owner can also make video responses public or private.

Private Questions

Participants can submit a question privately to only the owner of the Queue. The owner can leave private comments on this question, or choose to share the question publicly to the Queue. When a private question is shared publicly, it is duplicated in the Queue and the private version retains the previous comments.

Public Questions

Anyone with access to the Queue can see and comment on public questions. If the Queue has been shared with an Open Queue link, viewers can see (but not comment on) public questions. The Queue owner can respond to a public question with a Journey for everyone to explore.

Queue Filters

The Queue can be filtered at any time to show only private or only public content, or to show everything.
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