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Get Video Responses to a Question

Any public question in the Queue (whether submitted by a participant or the Queue moderator) can be used to gather video responses from participants in the chat.

Get Video Responses

  • Click the green “Get Video Responses” button at the top of the Queue.
  • You will be taken to a page where you can include additional questions (up to 10) for video response. Click “Next”.
  • On the following page you can adjust the settings for gathering responses:
    • Max recording time: Select a maximum length for each video response.
    • Public responses: Make responses public as soon as they are submitted, or private so that each response is private for the moderator and the participant who recorded it.
    • Due date: Pick a date by which everyone must submit their response.

Get Video Responses to a Question in the Queue

You can click on any question in the Queue to expand it, and click the “Get Video Responses” button at the top of the question box. This will take you to the response options page where you can set the max recording time, due date and privacy settings. Then, send the question out to the Queue for participants to respond to on video.

Get Video Responses to a Private Question

If you want to gather video responses to a private question in the Queue, first, you must share the question publicly. This option will duplicate the question and make it public, but will not include any private comments that were made on the original.

Edit the Questions or Due Date

Once you have requested video responses to a question, you can go back and edit the settings for these responses at any time before the due date. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select “Edit”. From here you can add or remove questions, and edit the response length, and due date.
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