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Student Sign-in Options

Sign in with Join Pin
Setting up access to a Queue using a Join Pin allows students or participants to sign in without an email or Recap account.

  • When you set up your new Queue, choose the “Join Pin (basic)” Sign-In option.
  • Once the new Queue is set up, you will be presented with a Join Pin to distribute to your students or participants.
  • To access a Queue with a Join Pin, navigate to and input the Join Pin.
  • Students or participants should either add their name, or select their name if they have already accessed this Queue previously.

Sign in with Email
Setting up access to a Queue using the Email & Password option requires that students or participants create a Recap login prior to posting questions to the Queue.

  • When you set up your new Queue, choose the “Email & Password” Sign-In option.
  • Before accessing the Queue, students or participants should navigate to or open the Recap mobile app and sign up as a student, with their email and a password.
  • Once signed-in to their student account, students or participants should select “Join New Queue” and input the class’s Join Pin.
  • When they sign in again, students or participants can now access the Queue from their dashboard.
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