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Differences between Teacher and Student Accounts in Recap

The Recap Queue now allows both teachers and students to participate in dialogue, ask questions, and record responses. The primary differences between teacher and student accounts revolve around privacy and security, as well as Queue management. Because both teachers and students can participate, there is no need for a teacher to create a separate student account to join a Recap-based PD session, or for a student to ever create a teacher account.

What can a Teacher do?

Create Queues

A teacher can create and manage Queues, moderating and responding to questions, creating Journeys in response, and gathering video responses from students.

Publish Journeys to Discover

In addition to creating Journeys, teachers can also publish them to Recap Discover. The Discover marketplace has a different set of privacy permissions from the Recap Queue, which is why only teachers may publish to this space.

Participate in Queues

In addition to creating Queues, teachers can also now participate in the same ways that students can: submitting questions, recording video responses, etc.

What can a Student do?

Participate in Queues

Students can participate in dialogue within a Queue, by submitting questions, recording video responses, commenting on each other’s posts, and accessing the Journeys their teacher assigns.

Students now have a greater ability to collaborate directly with one another in the Queue, and can ask questions and generate dialogue independent of the teacher’s facilitating.
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