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Create a Journey

A Journey is the Queue moderator’s tool for introducing a topic and providing context with supporting resources. You can also use them to explore new directions within the Queue as great questions arise. You can author a Journey from the teacher workspace or within a specific Queue.

The two most important elements of the Journey are the introductory video, where the moderator can set the stage for the topic, and the Journey path, a set of online resources related to the topic, curated by the moderator.

To create a Journey from the workspace, open the “Library” tab and click the “Create Journey” button at the top right of your screen.

Now you can begin to add and create the elements of the Journey:

  • First, add a question. You can use a question submitted to the Queue, or author one yourself.
  • Record your intro video. The video is 60 seconds or less, giving you just the right amount of time to create a storyline to inspire curiosity to learn more.
  • Once you have your video recorded, you can add your steps. A step should include an instruction on what to do, and can any learning content you want to include via weblink.

  • Next upload a preview image to represent your Journey. If you don’t add one, Recap will use a screenshot from your video.
  • Select a subject category and grade level for your Journey.

  • Publish to Discover– You have the option to publish your Journey on Recap Discover. Publishing makes it available to other teachers, and makes it available for them to use in their own Queues.
  • Assign– You can assign the Journey to any of your Queues, to launch them on a self-guided activity.
  • Save for Later– If you’re not quite ready to finalize your Journey, you can choose to save it and finish it later.

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